The Anvil

The Anvil facilities focus on quality over quantity. We provide individualized services for anyone looking to achieve a better quality of life through effective, fun, expert health and wellness practices.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, an athlete of any age, or a team looking for a space to practice, we have the programs and facilities to achieve your fitness goals on your terms. Call us today to inquire further about any of our classes or click the links to learn more!



Get a high quality workout with a dedicated Trainer for either one on one or up to three individuals at a time.


Sports Performance Classes

We have the perfect fit for every athlete of any age with these small, catered classes focused on maximizing speed, agility, power, and injury prevention. Call us to schedule!


Adult Fitness Classes

Join in your selection of group classes featuring specially crafted circuits to keep you fit and engaged.  Classes have a maximum of ten people, can accommodate all fitness levels, and focus on weight training, cardiovascular strength, functional training, or circuit training.  Call us to get start today.


Rental Space

For teams looking for a space to practice indoors in safety and style, our 60x100ft field is ideal.  Call for full or rental spaces.

Services Include:

Personal Training – One to one training for optimal sports performance.

Semi Personal Training – Two or three participants per trainer, scheduled together.

Monthly Memberships

Premium Memberships, including Guided Membership and Unlimited Adult Fitness Classes

Adult Fitness Class Membership – Unlimited Adult Fitness Classes (Adults), (Drop In Classes 15 USD)

Guided Membership, where trainers provide a structured plan and members workout according to their schedules with unlimited access to the facilities. Subject to evaluation for pre-qualified members only.

Youth Sports Performance Sessions Packages


( Register now, pick from a variety of challenging workout classes and time slots that you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate you ). Once a class hits 10 its maxed out so you get the attention you need to get results, act fast so you don’t miss out.