Team Training

  •  Team Training is a customized training program designed based on sport, age, and level of the athletes being trained.
  •  Team Training class maximum is 10 athletes per performance coach.

Training as a team helps build bonds among young athletes and creates a atmosphere of support, encouragement, and growth. What sets The Anvil apart is our attention to detail . This is why the maximum number of athletes per performance coach is 10. In our system, no athlete is overlooked. We ensure they are getting constant coaching to ensure proper technique, and to get the maximum out of each session. This also allows us to breakdown teams by position for sports like football, baseball, and softball, where each position has vastly different movement patterns and strength demands. They layout of our facility also allows us to cater to any team’s needs for training space. We can house even a large group of 40-50 athletes at one time. Groups of that size will be broken down into smaller groups – utilizing 5-6 performance coaches. Again, ensuring each athlete is being coached and improving each session.

Team training sessions include:

  • Full team group warm-up
  • Smaller group training by position / goals
  • Full team cool down with core, balance, conditioning and flexibility work.


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