about us


The Anvil’s mission is simple: focus on each individual who comes through our doors. Whether you’re an athlete looking to raise your game to the next level, or a mom or dad looking to have a strong , healthy lifestyle, our dedicated professionals are here to make your health and performance goals a reality.

We believe the standard fitness and performance center model is a numbers game. The focus is about getting more and more people through the door, not about how much of an impact they have on each individual. We pride ourselves on our focus on quality over quantity. This is why our class size is smaller per trainer. This is the reason we interview individuals prior to becoming a member of our facility. We want to make sure that it is a good fit for all parties. Smaller classes and membership means bigger impact for you.

We chose The Anvil as our name because we feel it strongly embodies our philosophy.

An anvil is used to forge tools.

Here at The Anvil, those tools are: nutrition, exercise, education, cardio, weight training, and recovery. We want our customers to forge their tools for a healthy lifestyle in a passionate, supportive community.

An Anvil is used to forge Weapons.

The weapons for our athletes are: speed, agility, nutrition, recovery, power, strength, flexibility, and mental toughness. All athletes require these on the field of play for athletic success.

An anvil is stronger than any tool or weapon forged on it. It is stronger than the hammer striking it. It represents the atmosphere and environment of our facility. Our teamwork, our support system our ability to push you is our strength. It’s what makes us THE ANVIL.