About Us


The Anvil’s mission is simple: to focus on each individual who comes through our doors. Whether you’re an athlete looking to raise your game to the next level, a parent with limited time looking to have a strong and healthy lifestyle, or a person building strength after injury or illness, our dedicated professionals are here to make your health and performance goals a reality.

At the Anvil we pride ourselves on building a community based on individual attention to each member. We take an active approach in providing our members the right support in meeting their fitness and health goals, from competitive athletes to senior citizens and busy professionals, in a bright, positive atmosphere.

We chose The Anvil as our name because we feel it strongly embodies our philosophy. The anvil is used to transform base metals into tools and weapons with applied expert knowledge and persistence : Allow us to support you in transforming your health with similar expertise and dedication through our many services.


Personal Training – One to one training for optimal sports performance.

Semi Personal Training – Two or three participants per trainer, scheduled together.

Monthly Memberships

Premium Memberships, including Guided Membership and Unlimited Adult Fitness Classes

Guided Membership, where trainers provide a structured plan and members workout according to their schedules with unlimited access to the facilities

Adult Fitness Classes Membership – Unlimited Adult Fitness Classes, (Drop In Classes 15 USD)

Youth Sports Performance Sessions Packages

Drop Ins – Day and week passes available for unguided use of the premium facilities