The Anvil Sports Performance



The Anvil Speed and Agility Program is a scientifically based training system designed to maximize speed, agility, power, and injury prevention.  All athletes will receive a pre and post test to establish a baseline, ensure proper training group placement, and monitor progress throughout the program.  Along with the testing, each athlete will also be video taped.  Tracking our pre and post test statistics is absolutely an essential part of monitoring success… but SEEING the difference in movement is a powerful tool in the coaching process that takes us to the next level.  It’s critical for the athletes to see, hear, and understand every aspect of how they should be training. Testing and video will be used at the initial start of training, as well as periodically during training to assist the athletic development process.
Along with all of these technical tools, each athlete will partake in an interview before beginning the athletic development program.  The interview process ensures that the athlete and the facility are a good match. Fitness training programs require focus, hard work, and dedication from both sides.
Each Strength Session, Speed Session, or Agility Session includes a dynamic warmup and cooldown.  General breakdown of sessions is as follows:


Athletes will begin with stationary and dynamic movements to increase body core temperature and to enhance function and performance of the nervous and muscular system.  This increases blood flow and prepares specific muscles for activity.  Speed and agility movements are incorporated into the warm up to reinforce motor learning, along with dynamic flexibility movements to improve and maintain range of motion.



Linear or “straight line” speed drills are comprised of running mechanics, stationary, and dynamic drills.  These movements trigger nervous system activation for sprinting and proper breathing.  Our drills focus on many facets of speed training: acceleration mechanics, top speed mechanics, leg recovery during acceleration and top speed, starting position, proper stance, shin alignment, arm alignment, body position, head position, foot placement, ground contact placement and timing, and transition from acceleration to top speed. Plyometrics are included to enhance acceleration and top speed performance.


Agility addresses the athlete’s ability to move with precision, including quick movements of acceleration, deceleration, and changing direction. Our drills focus on refining many aspects of athletic agility including: controlling center of gravity, body alignment, joint alignment, head placement, changing direction, foot positioning, hip placement, shin angles, landing position, plant position, how to accelerate into and out of plant position, actively decelerating to reduce ground forces, joint stabilization exercises, plyometric movements to increase performance and lessen impact on joints, injury prevention, force absorption, and how to generate maximal force.



Strength is the ability to produce force, which makes strength training an integral part of an athlete’s training program. Our training begins with developing foundational strength and proper technique. Strength sessions will include: multi-joint compound movements, core strengthening, rotational stability and performance, proper muscle activation and control, with a focus on joint stability, muscular performance, strength, power, increasing endurance, and utilizing proper range of motion to maintain and increase joint flexibility. Each program is designed based on the athlete’s age and level of ability.


Cool downs will focus on balance, stability, core, and flexibility.  Exercises will focus on proper muscle activation, body control, and joint stability at the ankle, knee, and hips.  Cools downs will include core exercises to increase core integrity, rotational strength, force production, and endurance.  Flexibility finishes each session, in order to produce proper muscular range of motion, joint health, and recovery.

Our programs are designed for total athletic and fitness development.  At other facilities the initiative to complete core, balance and flexibility activities is placed on the athletes to do on their own time. Even the most dedicated young athlete will struggle to make time in their busy schedules to complete these activities, and more importantly, to do it right. This is why we make the cool down part of the training process to be completed while the athletes are at the facility. It’s an important part of our athlete’s development and we’re not here to pass the buck. We, at The Anvil, are in the business of forging strong minds and bodies.