Team Training

  •  Team Training is a customized training program designed based on sport, age, and level of the athletes being trained.
  •  Team Training class maximum is 10 athletes per performance coach.

Training as a team helps build bonds among young athletes and creates a atmosphere of support, encouragement, and growth. What sets The Anvil apart is our attention to detail . This is why the maximum number of athletes per performance coach is 10. In our system, no athlete is overlooked. We ensure they are getting constant coaching to ensure proper technique, and to get the maximum out of each session. This also allows us to breakdown teams by position for sports like football, baseball, and softball, where each position has vastly different movement patterns and strength demands. They layout of our facility also allows us to cater to any team’s needs for training space. We can house even a large group of 40-50 athletes at one time. Groups of that size will be broken down into smaller groups – utilizing 5-6 performance coaches. Again, ensuring each athlete is being coached and improving each session.

Team training sessions include:

  • Full team group warm-up
  • Smaller group training by position / goals
  • Full team cool down with core, balance, conditioning and flexibility work.


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Every adult that walks into our facility deserves classes that cater to the same level of intensity and progress as those designed for our athletes.  For anyone looking to take their work outs seriously while having fun, we have put together a number of group classes.

  •  Classes have a maximum number of 10 people
  •  Classes are comprised of a variety of circuit based workouts.
  •  Variety of classes are available to members: Weight Training, Cardiovascular Training, Functional Training, and Circuit Training.
  •  Multiple classes will be offered each day: morning, afternoon, and evening.
  •  All classes are scientifically formatted to include all levels and abilities.

Group X Workouts

Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride is a high intensity 2 part concentric load workout.  The first part is all sled resistance, hits all muscle groups and cranks up your heart rate.  The second part is cardio and explosive core work.  This workout will challenge everyone from beginner to expert.  Since this workout require very little stabilization, load carry, and eccentric movements, it’s easy and safe to crank up the intensity.  Key components: Core, Cardio, Concentric muscle activation.  Total Body Workout.  Great for fat burning, rotational core strengthening, aerobic conditioning.

Rise of the Machines

Rise of the Machines is a high speed, cross heart, total body blitz using all machines to test your muscular and cardiovascular endurance.  Exercises are a combination of machines and band work, speed and controlled pace, all exercises are timed and each person can go at their own pace.  This makes it a great workout for any fitness level.  The idea is to get as many quality reps as possible.  Key components: Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Cardio.  Total Body Workout.  Great for building muscle, strength, anaerobic conditioning, fat burning and aerobic conditioning.

Only the Strong Survive

Only the Strong Survive is inspired by the famous strongman competitions across the globe.  Broken down into 3 mini circuits.  Each challenging your strength and muscular endurance in unorthodox ways.  Although it is a strength focused workout, it will challenge your aerobic endurance and crank up your heart rate.  The movements chosen require many muscles to work together in order to perform the exercises, this makes it especially challenging and taxing on your aerobic and anaerobic systems. Key components: Functional Strength, and Muscular Endurance. Great functional strength workout, with cardio, fat burning, and anaerobic benefits.

Kitchen Sink

The kitchen Sink is a little bit of everything. Great for testing all aspects of your fitness level, we left no stone unturned in order to challenge and propel you to the next level.  Broken down into 2 circuits in order to maximize performance and ensure you get the most out of each exercise within each circuit.  Concentric, Eccentric, Aerobic Conditioning, Core Strength, and Muscular Endurance.  This just may be our most challenging circuit because it’s demanding on every level.  Key Components: Muscular Endurance, Core Strength, Aerobic Conditioning, Muscular Strength, and Fat Burning.  Great all around workout that will challenge all aspects of your fitness.

Be All You Can Be

We love our military veterans and have the highest respect for their service and sacrifice.  This is a salute to our military.  This workout is inspired by the US Army basic training physical fitness test.  Max Strength, Core Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Aerobic Conditioning.  Great workout for any fitness level, as you train you can see yourself improving by the numbers.  Making it easy to stay on track to improve your fitness level each week.  Can you reach elite soldier fitness status?  Key Components: Aerobic Conditioning, Anaerobic Conditioning, Core Strength, Fat Burning and Muscular Strength.

Torture Rack (or The Cage)

The torture rack is different from “Rise of the Machines” where members will be confined to the space in the squat rack using only free weights/body-weight for a full-body total workout. This class will focus on the techniques, as well as intensity to each exercise to optimize functional movements, and to involve many muscle groups per exercise. This class is recommended for any fitness level and a great way to “shake-up” your regular total body workout routine. Key Components: Technique, Muscular Strength/Endurance, Functional Strength/Movement

Bands & Bells

Using only Kettlebells, Dumbbells, and Resistance Bands. Members can take advantage of this unique class where we incorporate innovative exercises concentrating on full body movement in a circuit training fashion. This class will focus on explosive movements, body control, and various challenges throughout the course of the workout. Key Components: Muscular Strength, Cardio, Power, and Explosiveness.

CCG (Core, Cardio, Glutes)

The primary focus of CCG, is the core and glutes simultaneously working together with the cardiovascular aspect of training. In this class, exercises will be performed on the turf where members will “fire-up” their glutes and stabilize their core at a high intensity, while getting the heart rate up. Here’s to a new twist to cardio, and shredded waistlines. Key Components: Aerobic Conditioning, Core, Fat Burning, Cardio, Glute Activation.


Personal Training

  • 1:1 training with a trainer of your choice
  • Each session is a total of 60-90 minutes based on the preference and goals of the client.
  • Sessions are designed with a full 60 minutes 1:1 with trainer. This is either
    preceded or followed by cardio and flexibility training as needed.
  • Program designed by trainer to meet the specific needs and goals of the client.
    This can include but is not limited to: core, strength, balance, flexibility, and cardio.


Semi Private Training 2:1

  •  Semi Private Training is a 2:1 ratio
  •  Great for friends who want to train together but don’t want to train in a large group.
  •  Perfect for individuals who want to train in a group but still want a program tailored to their individual goals.



The Anvil Speed and Agility Program is a scientifically based training system designed to maximize speed, agility, power, and injury prevention.  All athletes will receive a pre and post test to establish a baseline, ensure proper training group placement, and monitor progress throughout the program.  Along with the testing, each athlete will also be video taped.  Tracking our pre and post test statistics is absolutely an essential part of monitoring success… but SEEING the difference in movement is a powerful tool in the coaching process that takes us to the next level.  It’s critical for the athletes to see, hear, and understand every aspect of how they should be training. Testing and video will be used at the initial start of training, as well as periodically during training to assist the athletic development process.
Along with all of these technical tools, each athlete will partake in an interview before beginning the athletic development program.  The interview process ensures that the athlete and the facility are a good match. Fitness training programs require focus, hard work, and dedication from both sides.
Each Strength Session, Speed Session, or Agility Session includes a dynamic warmup and cooldown.  General breakdown of sessions is as follows:


Athletes will begin with stationary and dynamic movements to increase body core temperature and to enhance function and performance of the nervous and muscular system.  This increases blood flow and prepares specific muscles for activity.  Speed and agility movements are incorporated into the warm up to reinforce motor learning, along with dynamic flexibility movements to improve and maintain range of motion.


Linear or “straight line” speed drills are comprised of running mechanics, stationary, and dynamic drills.  These movements trigger nervous system activation for sprinting and proper breathing.  Our drills focus on many facets of speed training: acceleration mechanics, top speed mechanics, leg recovery during acceleration and top speed, starting position, proper stance, shin alignment, arm alignment, body position, head position, foot placement, ground contact placement and timing, and transition from acceleration to top speed. Plyometrics are included to enhance acceleration and top speed performance.


Agility addresses the athlete’s ability to move with precision, including quick movements of acceleration, deceleration, and changing direction. Our drills focus on refining many aspects of athletic agility including: controlling center of gravity, body alignment, joint alignment, head placement, changing direction, foot positioning, hip placement, shin angles, landing position, plant position, how to accelerate into and out of plant position, actively decelerating to reduce ground forces, joint stabilization exercises, plyometric movements to increase performance and lessen impact on joints, injury prevention, force absorption, and how to generate maximal force.


Strength is the ability to produce force, which makes strength training an integral part of an athlete’s training program. Our training begins with developing foundational strength and proper technique. Strength sessions will include: multi-joint compound movements, core strengthening, rotational stability and performance, proper muscle activation and control, with a focus on joint stability, muscular performance, strength, power, increasing endurance, and utilizing proper range of motion to maintain and increase joint flexibility. Each program is designed based on the athlete’s age and level of ability.


Cool downs will focus on balance, stability, core, and flexibility.  Exercises will focus on proper muscle activation, body control, and joint stability at the ankle, knee, and hips.  Cools downs will include core exercises to increase core integrity, rotational strength, force production, and endurance.  Flexibility finishes each session, in order to produce proper muscular range of motion, joint health, and recovery.

Our programs are designed for total athletic and fitness development.  At other facilities the initiative to complete core, balance and flexibility activities is placed on the athletes to do on their own time. Even the most dedicated young athlete will struggle to make time in their busy schedules to complete these activities, and more importantly, to do it right. This is why we make the cool down part of the training process to be completed while the athletes are at the facility. It’s an important part of our athlete’s development and we’re not here to pass the buck. We, at The Anvil, are in the business of forging strong minds and bodies.